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Children are learning foreign languages from an early age tend to become more intelligent than those who begin learning a foreign language when older

The human body is naturally given to the ability to grasp the language as a child – this is true for any language. Many experts say it is too aged 7 to 15, people were somewhat reduced ability to understand and copy the new sound, but this is the platform to make up for a standard pronunciation language. When young, gifted children strung words together for the meaning and correct pronunciation simply by receiving oral language. So, when learning a foreign language, children should be encouraged as much as possible said.

Children’s brains have a special talent for capturing the language and the ability to decline over time due to changes in the process of brain development. Children learn foreign languages from an early age also brings immediate benefits and long term, enhancing the skills of using the native language proficiency, develop analytical abilities and logical reasoning, thereby also enhancing the positive factors conducive to good learning mathematics. In fact, students who are good at math are often good at foreign languages and capable of easy contact with other cultures.

Children should learn foreign languages from an early age, and especially the children will just really excited with anonymous teaching methods learning the game and fun to learn! This contrasts with the way adults learn foreign languages tend to try to cram themselves at the same time a large volume of vocabulary and verb usage complexity.

In the English language development program Smart Grow Green Vietnam, children are learning English method directly communicated through the senses.

For example, when the children are learning to eat apples from Apple (apple) or from the school to the other, it is seen on the video screen image, or self-painted, torn paper, participate in games, drama, storytelling about things and phenomena in a foreign language; since then every time I see the same image in society, in the child’s brain instantly recalled thinking vocabulary. Thus, the child has acquired a completely natural way and start using new language in a lively, increase personal thinking abilities that are not subject to any public pressure as adults.

Therefore, the researchers noted that education, it is best to encourage children to learn foreign languages from an early age, because then children have plenty of time, totally excited, and not under pressure as Adults. Thinking minds are formed through early language learning, to make sure children will become increasingly smarter.
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